Ranchers' Rise at the Okotoks Air Ranch - A Boutique Community in Okotoks
Ranchers' Rise at the Okotoks Air Ranch - A Boutique Community in Okotoks


Okotoks is the place to be for energetic dogs and their active humans!

I love taking my humans for a walk, and here in Okotoks there’s 49 kilometers of pathways to walk on! They wind through the river valley, by all sorts of trees, and tons of grassy areas. It’s no wonder there are so many humans building new homes here!

Mickey loves Okotoks!

Every day I get to go out and see my friend….Squirrel!!

And not just Squirrel, I get to see Duck, and Rabbit, and Goose, and so many more. And I’m a very good boy. I don’t chase them or bark at them because we’re all friends here.

We walk by all sorts of sports areas! I’ve seen 15 soccer fields, 14 ball diamonds (I wish I could get in there to chase some of those balls!), a running track, a skateboard park, 5 outdoor skating rinks, 96 parks and 48 playgrounds! It’s hard for a dog like me to keep track of it all because there’s so much to see and do here.

But I think the best place to go is the off-leash park. That’s where I get to romp with all my other dog friends! There’s so many of them there. Fido, George, Spot, Blackie…. My human has lots of friends there too. They all seem to laugh and talk, while I run around with all my friends. Sometimes I hear them planning barbecues in the neighbourhood. I LOVE those! With all the families gathered together, I always get a lot of treat! YUM!

I’m so glad we moved to Ranchers’ Rise. It’s the happiest I’ve ever seen my human, and I’m really happy too! You should come and join us! I know there is a perfect new home waiting for you. Look at these builders and get their floor plans.

I hope we will be neighbours!!


Our Builder

Ranchers’ Rise offers you award winning and experienced builders.

Sterling Homes

Sterling Homes is a leading builder with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. For 60 years, Sterling has built unique homes for customers that are a source of pride for years to come. From the integrity of our craftsmen to inspiring designs to suit every lifestyle, we pay attention to even the smallest of details.


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