Ranchers' Rise at the Okotoks Air Ranch - A Boutique Community in Okotoks
Ranchers' Rise at the Okotoks Air Ranch - A Boutique Community in Okotoks


Mickey’s Tips for Decluttering Your Okotoks Home This New Year

Hey guys! Mickey here again. This time, I’m even more excited since the holidays are finally here. And while there’s no denying how much I love seeing friends and family or sneaking a bite from the holiday feast, I’m always looking forward to the future. That’s a big part of what the New Year celebration is about, and this year, my human is already talking about decluttering our Okotoks home.

An Okotoks home gives you plenty of things to love, including the chance to enjoy stunning views, great designs, and plenty of amenities. But even the biggest home can get cluttered from time to time–and combating that clutter is important! With that in mind, my human and I have set up a list with a few of our key tips for helping declutter your Okotoks home this New Year. Here are some of the ideas worth remembering:

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  • Approach it with the right attitude. Don’t go into the process of decluttering by just thinking you’ll move something from one spot to another. Instead, commit to the process of getting rid of items and furniture that take up too much space. Once you set your mind to the fact that you’re going to actually throw out some things, the process will go much more smoothly.
  • Really consider what each item you’re looking at still has use for you. Do you need it? Does it solve a problem or offer you enjoyment? Or is it just something that is taking up space? Again, you need to have the right mindset in place before you start, then apply it to each item. Find what really means something and what you enjoy, then look at the other items to determine which ones are worth getting rid of.
  • Are there organizational tools you can add to a home? Closet organizers, drawer dividers, and other options are all available to help you get more from the space you have. Look into all the tools that are out there and apply them to your home’s clutter.

All you really need to remember is to approach the process with the right mindset and to use all the tools you have available to you. If you’ll keep those simple steps in mind, you can clear out your home and get a great, open feel to it that may have been missing.

Is decluttering your home on top of your new year’s list too? Or perhaps you’re thinking that your home has become too crowded for your growing family that decluttering won’t cut it? If that’s the case, head over to Ranchers’ Rise to take a look at our spacious homes. Homes here have big living areas and a huge lawn—perfect for growing families! Visit the showhomes today!


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