Ranchers' Rise at the Okotoks Air Ranch - A Boutique Community in Okotoks
Ranchers' Rise at the Okotoks Air Ranch - A Boutique Community in Okotoks


Family Weekend Fun: Destinations around Okotoks

Ranchers' RiseWhat are your plans for the weekend? If you live in one of the homes in Okotoks and feel like spending some more time around nature, why not take your family on a trip to the parks located near the town of Okotoks? Let’s have a look at your options…

Banff National Park

The oldest in Canada, Banff National Park is also considered the most visited national park in Canada. It is no surprise with its interesting sites and beautiful views. Some of the must-see destinations and must-try activities in Banff National Park are visiting the Cave and Basin National Historic Site and biking the Banff Legacy Trail among many others.

The park is more or less a 2-hour drive from Okotoks.

Waterton Lakes National Park

South of Okotoks is Waterton Lakes National Park. It is a 2-hour drive from town. Like Elk Island, Waterton Lakes National Park is also open every day all year round. The park offers visitors numerous scenic trails, which are perfect for hikers looking for an adventure that will truly show them the beauty of nature. Great for families too as there’s trails for every skill level.

Elk Island National Park

A little further than Banff National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park, Elk Island National Park is a 3 and a half-hour drive from Okotoks. Canada’s largest fully enclosed park, Elk Island National Park represents the northern prairies plateau ecosystem.

The park is open 24 hours a day all year round. Visitors can try out various activities depending on the season, such as camping, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing and wildlife gazing.

Jasper National Park

Known as the “Gentle Giant of the Rockies,” Jasper National Park gives visitors a laid-back mountain experience while still offering adventure. It has 1,000 kilometers of trails, numerous campsites and diverse wildlife. This park is perfect for families since they offer activities for all skill levels.

Jasper National Park is a 4-hour drive from Okotoks.

Wood Buffalo National Park

Looking for a place to go to during a long weekend? Head on over to Wood Buffalo National Park to witness the largest free roaming herd of buffalo in the world. Wood Buffalo National Park is also Canada’s largest national park located in northeastern Alberta and is a 15-hour drive from Okotoks.

With all of these parks you can visit, do you still feel like staying in for the weekend? Go on, get up and have some fun with your family this weekend! The season isn’t even a reason not to go since these parks offer activities for summer AND winter.

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