Ranchers' Rise at the Okotoks Air Ranch - A Boutique Community in Okotoks
Ranchers' Rise at the Okotoks Air Ranch - A Boutique Community in Okotoks


Mickey Explores the Okotoks Pathways

mickey-pathwaysHello there everyone! It’s Mickey here again to help you know more about Okotoks. For today, I’ll be showing you around Okotoks Pathways and the landmarks and buildings that you should take time to stop over at while doing the walk in Okotoks!

If you are a dog-lover then you will love the first stop:  south of the Drake Landing Storm Pond. My human and I LOVE this stop because this is where I can run around with other pups at the Off Leash Park. Did you know that Okotoks has 38 acres of space designated for exercises and activities that you and your dog will definitely love? It’s open from sunrise to sun down so you have plenty of time to have fun!

Would you like to see some marvelous artworks? If you are into arts and want a place where you could see some works of art, then you might want to pay a visit at Okotoks Art Gallery and Okotoks Museum and Archives. You will not have any difficulty in visiting these two places since they are near each other and both located in North Railway Street.

Are you up to some strolling in the park? You know, Okotoks is known for its beautiful scenery. If you’re up for it, you will definitely enjoy going to several parks located in Okotoks like Grisdale, Thompson, Tillotson, Hayes, and Cimarron Park. These are the places where you could feel the eco-friendly environment that Okotoks has been protecting for people to enjoy the beauty of nature.

If you want to get physically active or just want to bond with other community members over a game, you might want to drop by at the Okotoks Sports Fields. And if you’re into tennis and basketball, then you will definitely enjoy going to the Tennis Fields and Ball Diamonds which are located around Okotoks. Isn’t that great? You will be enjoying playing some sports with your family and friends while also having a healthy lifestyle!

Now, if you’re new in town, I’m sure your first concern is how to go around and actually visit these places. Here’s some good news for you: the Okotoks Active Transportation Committee designed a 49km pathway system and created a map for the pathway systems that shows sample walking/running/cycling routes, important landmarks and buildings. This also contains great information about local wildlife, safety information and tips for sharing the path. You can get a copy of the trail map at the Okotoks Recreation Centre, the Municipal Centre or the Visitor Centre.

Okotoks worked really hard to earn its reputation for being family-oriented, providing many opportunities for community building and healthy lifestyles through outdoor recreation. This is the reason why my human and I are extremely happy that we settled in Ranchers’ Rise.

A development located in the northern part of Okotoks, Ranchers’ Rise promises homeowners a magnificent view of nature as well as access to big city amenities right within town. Apart from its accessibility and beautiful location, Ranchers’ Rise also offers homeowners homes designed to fit every lifestyle. These homes are built by some of the best Calgary home builders in the likes of Baywest Homes, Sterling Homes and Wolverine Custom Homes, making each home not only unique but also functional and structurally strong.

Interested? I can tell you more about Ranchers’ Rise when you visit our showhomes!


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