Ranchers' Rise at the Okotoks Air Ranch - A Boutique Community in Okotoks
Ranchers' Rise at the Okotoks Air Ranch - A Boutique Community in Okotoks


Three Simple Ways to Keep Your Okotoks Home Safe

Your home is one of the biggest investments you have ever made, which is why it is just right for you to implement safety measures that will protect not only your home, but also your family from harm.

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Here are three simple tips on keeping your Okotoks home safe:

  1. Always remember to change the batteries of your home smoke detector. It can take time for you to find and acquire the perfect home for you and your family; but it can only take fire three minutes to burn everything you invested on your home down. However, know that it will only take you a few minutes to check your smoke detector and change its batteries if needed. Give it just five minutes of your day—you will be glad you did should an emergency arise!
  2. Change your furnace filter. If you start noticing that your home is getting dusty or your family is experiencing unexplained congestion, then it is probably time to change your furnace filter.Did you know that studies have shown that the air we breathe at home is five times more polluted than the air outside? Furnace filters are there to reduce the amount of dust and allergens that circulate inside the house. If you do not change it, you will put your family’s health in danger. Again, this will only take a bit of your time so be sure you do this regularly!
  3. Clean your dryer vent. This may be something you are ignoring, but know that it is very important to clean your dryer vent regularly. Aside from improved efficiency of your dryer and energy savings, keeping your dryer vent clean can reduce chances of fire in your home.

Are you doing these regularly? If not, start maintaining these areas of your home as these will not only save you money, but most importantly, will also keep your family safe and healthy.


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